Overcome your fear of writing for your business with four simple steps

Sometime back in the mid-2000’s the saying, “fake it till you make it!” was everywhere.

The premise — “pretend” to be something you aren’t now, so you can manifest the person you want to be in the future. For me, the idea of being a novelist or expanding my business is the dream. But my fear of failure has often held me back from taking action or limiting my idea of success.

People who find time in their day, every day, to write, create, and who don’t worry about being perfect are my type of people. I always wanted to be in that club. Just take each every day one at a time and write without fear. It’s taken me a long time to develop these habits, and I still struggle with it from time to time.

The only obstacles to achieving my goals are the ones I create in my head. But with practice and consistency, I knew success could be mine if I overcame this unattainable idea that everything had to be perfect. So, when a negative thought enters my head that stops me from producing content, I have learned to replace the defeating thought with a positive one.

For example:

  • My content must be unique. (I have a unique voice).
  • It must be authoritative. (I am an expert in my field).
  • It must read like the Wall Street Journal. (Perfectionism is a form of procrastination. I might not be perfect, but with practice, I will hone my voice).

Once you have mastered your inner-dialogue, follow it up with action. Here are four easy steps: 

  1. Understand what you want to say, and then break it down. For example, if you want to talk about a particular program, service, or product, first write down five or six bullet points that you want your donors, clients or supporters to absolutely know. Then expand or narrow it down as you write. Keep your copy succinct and start with the most important facts first. 
  2. KISS (keep it simple, sweetie). Avoid flowery language, and write in a conversational tone as if you are talking to a client or friend. There is no question that you must watch your grammar beyond Word’s spell-check feature. There are some great tools online (most with basic free features) to help you with this. Grammarly.com is my favorite (and, no, I am not being paid to say that. They are not a sponsor…. yet, wink wink).  
  3. Be consistent with your copy. Some days you’ll write more than a few paragraphs because you have something to say about something in particular. And other days, it will be a few sentences. As long as you do something consistently daily, weekly, or bi-weekly to stay relevant on your social media channels and website.
  4. Pair all your posts with a photo or a meme. We are a visual society, and grabbing people with a photo is a great way to lead people into reading your content. And it’s never been easier to post great images because cameras today have wicked good image quality. Stay tuned for an upcoming post about photo ideas. You can also share a cool meme via Google/images to convey your values or something funny to mix it up. 

If you do have a positive mindset but don’t have the time to create engaging copy and marketing products, hire someone to do it for you. That is where I come in. Call me today at 717-517-0539, and let’s discuss how I can affordably create content for your business, non-profit, or ministry. You can also call to pick my brain about marketing, content, or development. I’d love to help. 

Now let’s all seize the day!