cropped-10466976_10152549037618764_5402890931485366828_o.jpgSpecializing in communications and public relations for non-profits and small businesses

Angela M. Trout, JD

The funding landscape for non-profits in Lancaster County is profoundly changing. Programs that may have found ample sources of funding in the past from foundations are now coming up empty as many of these funding sources are narrowing their focus to specific outcomes and forced consolidation of non-profit providers.

While some non-profits have been forced to eliminate entire programs due to the drought in funding, others are supplementing their shortfalls with new campaigns, fundraisers, and strategies to raise the funding they need to survive. And while some non-profits are fortunate to have a fully staffed development and communications department to lead the way, others do not have that luxury.

1904094_10201370249488856_454343737_nWhat is a small to medium sized non-profit to do?

This is where we come in. Through our leadership and non-profit expertise we can lead your organization in the right direction. Here’s what we can do:

Event planning
Website development and blogging
Media relations
Public relations
Social media
Newsletters, fundraising & collateral materials
Advocacy communications

See our services page for more information.

For more information or a free consultation and quote, please contact  Angela M. Trout at 717-517-0539 or atrout@creativepluscomm.com.


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Jeremy Jones

    Hi, Angela,

    This is Jeremy Jones from Ephrata Baseball Association. I have responded to your email from last Sunday about your interest in volunteering with EBA, but I haven’t heard back from you, so I’m wondering if my emails may have gone to your spam or junk folder.


  2. Hello, Jeremy!

    I don’t know what happened but I just found this email from a year ago! Sorry we couldn’t connect last year. I am still interested in volunteering for EBA. Please let me know how I can help.

    Thank you!
    Angela Trout
    (717) 517-0539


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